I-View Platinum

Cutting-Edge Sophistication

Recommended for: Those who want personalized vision and performance.

I-View Platinum delivers the best optical performance fully personalized using your frame shape selection and fitting parameters.


  • Very precise, comfortable and natural vision
  • Individually customized according to your visual behavior
  • Very fast adaptation: smooth transition from far to near visual fields
  • Widest intermediate visual field
  • Maximized reading zones

Unmatched Personalization

I-View Platinum comes with complete personalization options for the best visual experience and comfort possible.

Intended Lens Design

Frame style and unique fitting features can create unwanted aberrations affecting the intended lens design

By including fitting parameters, the intended lens design is maintained

Precision Performance with Nikon Optical Design Engine and Viewfit

Engineered with Nikon Optical Design Engine and Viewfit technology, I-View Platinum takes optical performance to the next level. With these two proprietary technologies, your prescription is analyzed point-by-point ensuring design consistency and performance optimization.

Viewfit delivers a wider usable lens surface.

<p>Without Viewfit</p>

Without Viewfit

<p>With Viewfit</p>

With Viewfit

The best I-View lens for you depends on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best I-View for you.

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