I-View Legend

Be the Architect of Your Own Lenses

Recommended for: Those who want to co-create a lens that adapts to them and not the other way around

I-View Legend, the most recent addition to the I-View Series of progressive lenses, offers the latest in Nikon personalization technologies. The first I-View lens to integrate Panorama, Progression and Ametropia Tunings to create a level of optical performance that will truly feel like the lenses were tailor-made for you.


  • Seamless vision from far to near and near to far
  • Maximized fields of vision tailored to each prescription
  • Adaptation is virtually non-existent
  • Posture feels natural
  • Feels like wearing single vision lenses
  • Opens up the far and near vision fields


There is only one true design for each power


Introducing new personalization parameters


It’s easier to make the switch to I-View Legend